Ubuntu Business is a Membership and Customer Relationship Management System. The Only Business Software You’ll Need, replace a multitude of services and apps with a single ecosystem for your business to work, communicate and collaborate – at home or in the office.

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Features & Modules

Customer Area

The Customer is fully separated from the admin area. Each customer has their own portal where they can keep track of all their data in relation to the organization.
As an organization admin, easily manage your customers and their contacts, create multiple contacts for your customers, and set proper permissions. Again, the customer area is fully separated from the admin area. Clients have their client portal with all financial data from your company presented in clear view.

Customer Login

The customer login area is customized to your brand to allow the clients to feel at “home”. This customization is at no extra cost to you.

Registration Form

The registration for your customers will capture both company and contact person details for better communication once in the system.


Manage projects and track time spent on a project for each staff member. Record project expenses and invoices and bill your clients faster. Professional Gantt Chart included for each project and staff member. Easy to manage teams working from home.
Create milestones for projects and track time spend based on milestones. Ability to Drag and Drop tasks between milestones.


Ubuntu Business allows you to keep track of your invoices, items and generate reports. Add new currencies in addition to the default Kes. and USD, using multiple currencies is allowed by previously set up customer currency. The invoice with a different tax based on item.
Recurring Invoices
Create recurring invoices that will be re-created automatically without you lifting a finger, based on the specified period for the recurring invoice. The period time could be days, weeks, months, or years.
Auto recurring invoices on Ubuntu Business would be ideal for membership-based organisations.


Bill members/clients faster with the subscription module.
Create subscriptions, send the subscription to your customers and let Ubuntu Business do its work behind the scenes. Automation at its best.


Ubuntu Business allows you to create an estimate within a minute, send it to your customers, and wait to be accepted. One can add notes for better organization for your next actions and create reminders. You will have the ability to auto converts the estimate to invoice after the customer accepts.
The estimates stages are as below;
Draft, Sent, Expired, Declined, Accepted


Create good-looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales. Receive a notification when a proposal is accepted/declined and auto sends thank you email to your customer after accepting the proposal. Proposal overdue notice before X days available. You can place a different overdue notice day for each proposal sent to clients.


The team can update their expenses and upload the receipts for the same for accountability.
Creating recurring expenses. Set up a recurring expense and the expense will automatically be re-created after the specified period. The period time could be days, weeks, months, or years.


Receive payments from Paypal and Mobile Payment ( mobile payment integration is a custom module ), we have implemented payment gateways that are available in most countries.

Lead Management

Leads or potential clients are a really important part of any organization. With Ubuntu Business, you will never forget your potential clients and you will be able to manage all of them in one place. Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, create proposals. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop. Ability to auto import leads from emails and web to lead forms, import leads from. CSV file included.

Web to Lead Forms

Create an unlimited web to lead forms and inject them into your landing page or website. This feature allows you to import leads into Ubuntu Business from form. Use the web to lead forms to gather potential client’s information, allow them to request quotes directly from your website.

Customer Support

Great support ticket system with autoresponse, private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link, ticket priorities, ticket statuses. Feature for auto importing tickets via Email Forwarder/IMAP method included. Let your customer reply and create new tickets via email, without accessing the client portal.


Have a clear view of all your company events, upcoming invoice payments., contracts, expirations, tasks finish dates, general reminders.
You’ll never miss anything from the calendar.


Staff Tasks
Assign the task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments. Link tasks to many Ubuntu Business feature and stay organized.
Recurring Tasks
Create tasks that will be auto-created for a given period.

Knowledge Base

Add knowledge base articles from a text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in clients area.
Help your customers and build trust.


You can add new contracts based on your clients. Adding contracts is very simple, you can set start date and end date and have a clear view of all your company contracts in one place. You won’t need to search your desk documents anymore. Create PDF contracts and send them to your customers from Ubuntu Business. Contract overdue reminders available.


Generate reports and has a clear view of everything. Keep track of income vs expenses and leads conversions. Knowledge base report included.
Sales Reports
Expenses Report
Reports by customer
Custom date picker
Leads Conversions
Knowledge base articles (Track if your article is useful to clients, improve text based on votes)

Goals Tracking

Set up goals and tracking achievements. Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.
This module has the ability to notify staff members about failure or success.

Personal todo list

Every staff member can have their to-do dashboard which will allow your staff member to easily organize their work and increase productivity.


Create surveys with one click. Send to staff, leads, clients, or manually created mail lists. Increase customer retention via built-in Surveys.


Create private or public events. Receive a notification when an event is coming built-in and email.