Ubuntu Business is a Membership and Customer Relationship Management System. The Only Business Software You’ll Need, replace a multitude of services and apps with a single ecosystem for your business to work, communicate and collaborate – at home or in the office.

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Custom Features

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is custom modules to allow members/clients to make payments from their phones. This can be customized depending on the country and provider API.
M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Direct Equity Bank Payments, Equitel Payments, Visa, and Mastercard and are available. Banking and Financial Institutions  option on KenSwitch 

SMS & Email Notifications

Custom SMS & Email module for Ubuntu Business allows you to send out custom Emails and SMS to your members or clients.
Every contact of the selected Customer’s (or Lead’s) number, will receive the respective notification sent by you, through the module’s interface (which can always be a selection from your pre-created templates). Easy as 1-2-3!
Option for company sender ID is available

Sales Commission Program

Your commission structure ties a sales rep’s performance to the amount of money he or she will take home each paycheck. It’s no secret that accountability produces results, and a well-structured commission plan is an excellent way to incentivize top performance.
Because there’s no one size fits all, sales compensation plans come in many shapes and sizes, including: salary/hourly + commission, commission-only, tiered commission, residual commission, and variable-rate commission. Of these, the easiest and most commonly used approach is to pay a certain percentage based on the revenue generated from a single sale.
This enables you to manage commissions and hierarchy with ease

Business Storefront

The Storefront module allows you to sell products / services / membership in Ubuntu Business using recurring invoices genearted from the client area as an order.
Customers will be able to order to a product / service / membership using any available payment gateway with invoices
Customer will be able to order a product / service / membership without staff manually creating a subscription from the admin dashboard. Full automation.
Flexible product grouping to target specific clients
Admin/staff will be able to add product for a specific customer only (visible to only that customer)
See History of customers purchases

Member / CRM Chat

Members / CRM Chat is a real time experience add-on for Ubuntu Business build in PHP, JavaScript and jQuery and uses Pusher API for communication and collaboration between staff colleagues and clients.
The module uses Web sockets request and not HTTP requests that slows down the server. Specially developed for the employees and clients of Ubuntu Business so they can connect and converse with each other.
Best way to connect and interact with your staff colleagues and connected clients, you can offer communication directly as well as build trust and increase staff loyalty. Offers options to create chat groups, connect with clients, export conversation, delete conversation and even create tickets form clients conversations.

Email / Webmail on Ubuntu Business

This module integrates a Mailbox client at your Ubuntu Business dashboard.
By enabling this, you will be able to allow your staff members to send/receive/draft/organize e-mails of their IMAP accounts, inside their dashboard without ever having to access webmail or outlook. Your emails will always be with you on the move.